If you feel the calendar is not syncing there may be a few reasons causing this. If you are syncing from your calendar to the CRM, the could be because:

  • The events don’t have an invitee
    We only sync meetings with customers, therefore if no external email has been added to the calendar invitation, FunnelFox will not sync the event
  • The invitee is one of your colleagues
    By default, FunnelFox ignores all internal events, meaning we won’t sync events where only your colleagues are invited.
  • You're not assigned to this event (applies only if syncing from your CRM to you calendar)
    If you are syncing from your CRM to your calendar, the reason for not syncing events could be that you are not assigned to this event. In that case the event will also not be synced to your calendar.

If none of the above applies to you, please get in touch with some information on at least one event you think should have been synced (time, date, invitees).

If you've already emailed, simply reply to that email to the add the information above so we can help quicker.

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