FunnelFox originated from the desire to make our own work as efficient as possible. Having worked in Sales for 15 years, our founder has been exposed to the daily challenges of a sales rep and sales manager. He has as since worked to create a product that can help him and others thrive.

FunnelFox offers an honest, experienced based approach to solve these challenges. We offer our customers with features that are unique to FunnelFox, and tailored to them.

A few examples include:

  • It works everywhere: FunnelFox is not a browser extension - it connects to the backend of your email account and captures all emails sent from any device or software automatically.

  • Full automation: Because FunnelFox works for you in the background, it does not require your sales reps to actively use it in order to provide value. If FunnelFox is active, hours of work are being taken care of automatically!

  • Go back in time: FunnelFox offers the possibility to sync up to 2 years worth of email history. Have all customer communication in one place without spending days to update your CRM.

  • Customization: FunnelFox offers the possibility to work with custom objects in your CRM. Whichever way you work, with FunnelFox it can be automated! We work closely with our customers to suit the product to their needs and offer customized solutions as much as we can.

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