To invite your colleagues and create a team:

Go to: Left hand sidebar > click on Organization > copy the url in the text box > paste it in your email > Send the email to the person you’d like to invite

Once invited, your team members will need to accept the invitation and sign up for an account. They will then automatically be part of your team and inherit the same sync settings as you have.

I see a red dot next to my colleague’s name and can’t click on activate. What does that mean?

That means your colleague hasn’t connected their Salesforce or email account to FunnelFox. Don’t worry - we will send them a reminder to activate.
As soon as they connect both CRM and email, you will be notified and the red dot will turn to orange. Simply click on the activate button next to your colleague name. The orange dot will turn green to indicate your colleague’s been activated and we’ve started syncing for their account.

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