On a scale of one to ten, how confident are you that your is pipeline accurate? 

You communicate with different types of prospects every day. These could be brand new leads that you’re trying to establish a relationship with or established contacts that are just a reply away from closing a deal.

The FunnelFox Contacts page gives you complete control so you can make sure your pipeline includes everyone.

FunnelFox automatically creates a new Salesforce contact whenever you email with an address that matches an existing account in Salesforce. But we created the Contacts page for the times when you begin talks with a prospect that can’t automatically be added to Salesforce by FunnelFox.

This way you can decide which part of your pipeline you want to update.

Here's how it works

Choose an existing Salesforce account to sync a new contact to:

Sync customers without an existing account as a Lead...

Or as a Contact

It’s that simple! And you can always use the Sync All button to create contacts and leads in bulk.

What's next?

  • Use Lookbacks to add past conversations to Salesforce whenever a new contact or lead is synced

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