FunnelFox shows you who is in each stage of your sales pipeline and makes it easy to measure the performance of your sales process.

What can I do with FunnelFox?

If you have email-based customer interactions you can use FunnelFox to:

  • Automatically sync customer interactions to your CRM: Catalogue every customer interaction in Salesforce for every sales rep. Powered by our Data Capture product

  • Customize and measure deal stages: Create deal stages based on your team’s actual sales process. Powered by the FunnelFox platform

  • See who is actually in your pipeline: Track the progress of every opportunity

What sets FunnelFox apart?

Unlike other solutions, FunnelFox brings everything you need to trust, visualize and act upon your sales pipeline together in one integrated platform that is easy for everyone in your sales team to use.

Want to know more?

Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to find out how FunnelFox can help improve the effectiveness of your sales team

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