First, log into your FunnelFox account.

Click on ‘Form.’ This button can be found on the left side of your FunnelFox Account Dashboard.

The screen below will appear. It will display a URL and your secret code. Copy the URL.

Now go to your Typeform account. Open the form you want to sync. Alternatively, create a new typeform from the homepage. Navigate to ‘Connect’ in the top bar.

Then click on the ‘WEBHOOKS’ tab, as shown below.

Press the ‘Add a webhook’ button in the center of the screen.

Paste the URL you copied from FunnelFox into the tab, as shown below. Then click save webhook.

A new tab will appear with your FunnelFox link.

Now copy the ‘secret code’ from your FunnelFox account. To find this code again, click on 'Form' in your FunnelFox homepage.

Once you have the code, go back to your ‘Webhooks’ within your Typeform account. You will see the FunnelFox link you created. Click on ‘edit’ and then paste the secret code and save the changes to verify your account.

Your Typeform account is now connected! Once your first event is received, a green tick will appear next to 'Form' on your homepage.

Next, we will add specific rules that are tailored to your company’s needs. Simply get in touch with the FunnelFox team and we can set this up for you.

To contact us, click on the messenger icon on the bottom right corner of the FunnelFox website.

Alternatively, email us at [email protected].

Every time a lead fills out your typeform, FunnelFox will capture the data. You can also send the user information to your CRM. Simply connect your CRM with FunnelFox.

Let us handle the data entry so that you can engage with your customers.

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