Welcome! This guide gives an overview of the FunnelFox Data Capture dashboard (the homepage), functionalities, and set-up process. As the administrator, your account has several additional functionalities that vary from your team. Learn more about these features in this guide on how to make the most out of your FunnelFox account.


  1. What does FunnelFox do for your team?

  2. What does it mean to be an admin?

  3. Overview of the FunnelFox dashboard

  4. How to get your team set up

  5. How to see what has been synced

  6. How is my FunnelFox account charged?

  7. How to check that your account is working

What does FunnelFox do for your team?

FunnelFox works behind the scenes to collect, analyze, and transfer your team’s data directly to your chosen CRM. Every relevant email, event, and contact is intelligently synced. 

Eliminating manual data entry from your team’s workflow enables them to prioritize your prospects and customers. Meanwhile, you can guarantee that data from the entire customer lifecycle is always tracked, up-to-date, and available to you.

What does it mean to be an admin 

FunnelFox syncs the same data for the admin and team members. However, there are three distinctions for the administrator. 

First difference: you are responsible for managing settings for your whole team. When you make a change in the settings page, it adjusts the settings for all users. However, your connectivity changes only apply to you. While the whole team can add team members, the admin is solely responsible for activating and disabling members. As the admin, you also have a record of everything FunnelFox Data Capture has done for your team.

Second difference: you oversee your company’s FunnelFox account. This responsibility includes adding or removing seats to your payment plan and upgrading your account.

Third difference: you manage the account’s renewal. The company’s payment details should be kept up-to-date in your account ahead of the renewal.

Overview of the FunnelFox dashboard

The home page displays a snapshot of what FunnelFox is doing for you. You can see the most recent contacts FunnelFox has identified and choose to sync these. Equally, the home page shows the most recent items that have been synced to your CRM.

FunnelFox automatically syncs new contacts from your emails to your CRM. However, the contacts page displays any prospects that cannot be automatically synced. Review these email addresses in your contacts page to sync individually or in bulk to your CRM. It is essential for team members to routinely check their contacts page because unsynced contacts can lead to missing emails in the CRM.

Read our help article for more information on syncing leads and contacts to your CRM.

The reports page displays how many emails, events, and contacts or leads have been synced to your CRM by FunnelFox. We also show the total number of items we have automatically synced for you. 

As the admin, you can see the statistics from your whole team on this page. The report can easily be switched between the last seven or thirty days.

Use the recently synced page to display a backlog of all new customer interactions that FunnelFox has synced to your CRM. 

The customer interactions can be filtered by:

  • Account

  • Attachment 

  • Contact 

  • EmailMessage

  • Event

  • Followup

  • Lead

  • Task

The organization page enables you to change the permissions of your team. Here you can choose who occupies the seats on your plan by activating or deactivating team members. Additionally, you can transfer the administrative role to another team member. Currently, you can only have one admin per FunnelFox team. 

The page also displays a list of the status of all your team members. It shows whether each member has connected their email, calendar, and CRM to FunnelFox. Check the correlating icons are green to ensure your data in the CRM is accurate.

Use the Salesforce page to adjust the CRM settings for your emails, meetings, and contacts. 

You can enable or disable the following functionalities:


  • Automatic email syncing

  • Follow-up tasks

  • Associate an email with the last active opportunity

  • Include account opportunities

  • Sync all email attachments

We will only associate an email when there is one active opportunity. If there are multiple opportunities this action will not happen.


  • Sync your calendar events to Salesforce

  • Sync Salesforce events to your calendar

Currently, you can only choose one of the calendar options above as we do not support bi-directional syncing of calendar events.


  • Allow FunnelFox to either create contacts or leads

  • Automatically sync contacts with a matching account

  • Sync past conversations for new customers (choose up to six months or contact the FunnelFox team for advanced historic syncing) 

  • Email addresses and domains to ignore

If you want FunnelFox to create leads in your CRM, it is vital to ensure your lead object in Salesforce is switched on. If this setting is turned off in Salesforce, then our lead functionality will not work.

Search our help center for all our frequently asked questions, step-by-step product guides, troubleshooting, and more! We are continually updating our knowledge base with useful articles to help you and your team get the most value out of our product.

Didn’t find what you are looking for in our help center? Ask the FunnelFox team anything with the click of a button. You can contact us by pressing the message icon (as seen below) on any FunnelFox page.

There are two ways to add members within this page. For more information, visit the How to get your team set upsection of this guide.

How to get connected to FunnelFox

When you first created your FunnelFox account, you were given a chance to connect your CRM and email account as demonstrated below. If you pressed ‘skip,’ then no worries, you are still able to get connected.

Your account status is displayed on the bottom left corner of your home screen. Here you can see an option to connect your email, calendar, and CRM.

Once connected, a green tick replaces the connect button. The bar above your account status will turn green.

How to get your team set up

To invite your colleagues and create a team:

On the FunnelFox dashboard, click on the green ‘Add Team Members’ button on the left-hand sidebar. There are two ways you can add a team member.

The first option triggers an invitation email for a team member to create an account. Once the account is created, they will automatically be associated with your team. If you have remaining seats when they’re associated, then we’ll start syncing right away. Whereas, the second option provides a shared link that team members can use to create an account. Then manual activation is required from you before FunnelFox can start syncing.

Ensure your team members create an account through the link you sent via email. If a team member uses the typical sign up process, their account will not be associated with your team.

We send a weekly email every Monday with a recap of what FunnelFox has done for you. Within this email, we’ll also tell you if you have any team members that need activating. You can see an example of a weekly performance report below.

How to change the permissions of your team

Go to your FunnelFox dashboard and click ‘Organization.’ All of your team members are displayed here. You can activate and deactivate team members on this page. Additionally, you can transfer your admin status to another team member by clicking Change Permissions.

How to add more seats to your plan

Click on your user name.

Choose ‘Payment’ from the options in the dropdown box.

The payment page enables you to purchase more seats (users). You can add as many seats as you like. The new users are added to your subscription on a pro-rata basis. Next, visit the ‘Organization’ page if you need to update your team.

How to review your team’s progress?

FunnelFox allows you to view your team's stats within the app. To use this feature, visit the ‘Reports’ page. This report can display a holistic overview of your team’s performance within seven or thirty days.

How to see what has been synced

The ‘Recently Synced’ page can be found on the sidebar within your dashboard. Here you will find the latest items that have been synced to your CRM by FunnelFox for your whole team. You can either view everything FunnelFox has synced or filter these items to find specific information.

The recently synced page can be filtered by the following:

  • Account

  • Attachment 

  • Contact 

  • EmailMessage

  • Event

  • Followup

  • Lead

  • Task

These options will appear in a blue box on the right-hand side of the ‘Recently Synced’ page. Merely click on the blue dropdown tab to filter your results.

How is my FunnelFox account charged?

We provide a subscription with automatic renewals. These payments begin at the start of your billing cycle, which is the day you signed up for your FunnelFox account. 

When your subscription is nearing an end, we send you a reminder email 30 days in advance. It is essential to double-check your payment details are correct at this point. However, you can update your account at any time. 

If the details are incorrect, we make three attempts to process your payment. If we cannot clear the expense, we stop syncing data to your CRM, cancel your plan, and deactivate your team members. 

Should this happen, you need to purchase another subscription to reactivate syncing for your team. However, you will receive an email if an additional action from you is required to process the payment.

How to check that your account is working

1. Make sure at least one data source is connected with your Salesforce account. 

How to check your connection:

Step one: navigate to your homepage

Step two: scroll down to your account status box

Step three: confirm whether your data source (e.g. email) and CRM show a green tick rather than a ‘connect’ button

2. Send a test email to [email protected]. Remember to use the email that you connected with your FunnelFox account; otherwise, the test will not work.

Now check your CRM. The synced email in your CRM will appear under one of the following pages: 

  1. the Account: FunnelFox

  2. or the Contact: FunnelFox Test

As you can see, the email was synced and a new contact was created in Salesforce.

3. You can always contact us. We can either confirm that your account is working or help troubleshoot if there is an issue. 

How to contact us?

Option one: It is easy to reach out using the messenger icon in any page on the FunnelFox website.

Once you click on the icon you can start a conversation with us or search our knowledge base.

Option two: You can also email our friendly FunnelFox team at [email protected].

Option three: Use the search bar within our help center to find your answer in our articles.

The help center is located to the left of the homepage in your FunnelFox account.

However, you can also access the help center by clicking on your user name at the top of our screen.

We look forward to eliminating all data entry for your whole team. With the boring stuff out of the way, everyone can prioritize engaging prospects and customers. You can also guarantee that your CRM is accurate for successful decision making.

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