Welcome to FunnelFox Data Capture! This guide shows you what FunnelFox does, how to navigate your account and helps you get set up as a team member. 

What does FunnelFox do for you?

Imagine having a personal assistant that handles all your repetitive data entry – well, now you have one. We automatically sync your emails and events to your CRM. This automation enables you to focus on creating more valuable customer interactions. Leave the tedious part to us!

Overview of your FunnelFox account

The Home page gives you an overview of the following:

  • Your account status

  • New contacts

  • Recently synced items

  • What FunnelFox has analyzed and detected for you

We also show you when your next sync is due, so you are always in the know.

Account status

Check your account status to see if you’re connected with FunnelFox. The status of the account shown below is not yet connected.

To start syncing data to Salesforce, you must connect your email or calendar with your CRM. We recommend enabling both to get the most out of your FunnelFox account.

Getting connected takes less than 30 seconds. Press the ‘Connect’ button. Fill in your login details and then give FunnelFox permission to start syncing your data. A green tick then replaces the button.

The account status also tells you whether the administrator has activated your account. A red or orange line above your status means your account needs to be enabled.

We cannot start syncing your emails and events until you are an active user. 

Speak with your manager if your account displays the inactive indicator below. 

A fully connected and ready to sync account will look like this image.

New contacts

Your homepage also shows some of the new contacts FunnelFox has identified for you.

Press ‘Manage Contacts’ to be directed to your Contacts page. You can choose to ignore your contacts or sync them to Salesforce.

Recently Synced Items

This box displays the most recent events and emails we have synced to your CRM. If you want to see the full log, visit your Recently Synced page.

What FunnelFox has analyzed for you

As we operate in the backend, it’s easy to forget the daily admin headaches we eliminate. As a quick reminder, we provide a snapshot of what we’ve completed for you. We share the number of emails and contacts that our AI has assessed. Our savvy technology then decides what is relevant to sync to your Salesforce account.

This data only appears on your homepage during your trial. However, we’ll continue to silently work behind the scenes and each Monday you’ll receive a performance report with everything we’ve synced for you. We’ll also let you know if you need to take any actions on your account.

The Contacts page shows prospects that can’t automatically sync to your CRM.

Contacts on this page can be synced to your CRM individually or in bulk. It’s a good idea to regularly check the contacts page as unsynced contacts can lead to missing emails in your CRM. However, we’ll always remind you of outstanding contacts in your Monday report.

For more information, you can read our article on syncing leads and contacts to your CRM.

Use the Recently Synced page to display a backlog of every customer interaction that we’ve synced to your CRM.

You can then filter these items by clicking the All dropdown tab.

The synced items can be filtered by:

  • Account

  • Attachment 

  • Contact 

  • EmailMessage

  • Event

  • Followup

  • Lead

  • Task

The Organization page displays the connectivity status of your colleagues and identifies your admin user.

The icons to the right of the user represent the user's email, CRM, and calendar. Each symbol appears green when the user is connected. Disconnected features do not have a color.

The dot next to the name shows whether a user is active. This circle will appear red if a user has not been activated or becomes deactivated at a later date. Remember, we can only sync active users, so it is vital to contact the admin user if your account shows up as red.

The Salesforce page displays the types of settings available to the admin user. As a team member, you can’t make changes to this page. However, you can always send recommendations to your admin.

Unsure about something? Use the Help Center to review step-by-step product examples, frequently asked questions, troubleshooting articles, and more! We regularly add practical guides to our knowledge base that helps you get the maximum value out of our product.

Prefer to speak directly with our FunnelFox team? Ask us anything with the click of a button. Contact us by pressing the messenger icon at the bottom right-hand side of every FunnelFox page. Easy.

How dd team members

There is no need to wait for an administrator to add a team member. You can always add your colleagues by pressing 'add team members.' 

There are two ways to add colleagues.

The first option is perfect if you already have approval from your administrator. 

The first way to add members: 

Fill out the name and email of your colleague in the form. Then press the correlating blue button to send an invitation to your colleague. You can add more than one colleague and simultaneously send out invites by pressing ‘Invite all.’ 

Your colleague(s) must create an account through the link in their email invitation. By doing so, their created account automatically becomes associated with your org's team on FunnelFox. Note, there must be room on your plan for any invited users.

The second way to add members:

Press the clipboard icon to copy the link on the bottom of your screen. Paste the link in any communication tool (text, slack, email, etc.). Your colleague(s) should use this link to create their FunnelFox account as it connects them with your company on FunnelFox. Once they’ve created an account, they'll appear on your org page as an inactive user. Your admin will then need to activate their account for us to start syncing.

What’s next?

Ready to explore other ways FunnelFox can work for you?

Still have questions about the set-up process? Get in touch with us via the messenger icon on your screen. We usually respond within five minutes.

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