Using Prospect Intelligence, you can flip job changes into revenue. You’ll receive strategic alerts and customer insights to begin warm conversations with people who want to hear from you. 

What can I do with Prospect Intelligence?

You can use Prospect Intelligence with any device to:

  1. Increase opportunities in your pipeline: Start congratulatory conversations when notified that a contact changes company.

  2. Gain new prospects: Detect when a new decision-maker joins an account so you can be the first to reach out and win the deal.

  3. Enrich customer profiles: Automatically fill vital data gaps in your CRM, such as job titles, locations, and more.

  4. Prevent churn: Replace company advocates that are moving jobs (ahead of contract renewals).

  5. Dodge data silos: Integrate Prospect Intelligence with your whole tech stack.

Tip: You can request customizations to ensure Prospect Intelligence best fits your current processes. 💫

Who uses Prospect Intelligence?

Prospect Intelligence is available globally to companies with fifteen or more sales reps. The roles that benefit the most include:

Operations managers who want to provide their teams with fresh data. We’re talking datasets that are days old not months!

Sales reps who want to increase opportunities and prospects in their pipeline. 

  • You’ll gain data-driven alerts, conversation starters, and enriched customer profiles.

Customer Success managers that want to ensure they’re nurturing the right people ahead of subscription renewals.

What sets Prospect Intelligence apart?

FunnelFox uses a unique approach to sourcing data that enables you to receive every person at your targeted accounts. Whereas many well-known data companies provide incomplete datasets, missing vital prospects from your account lists. 

If you use Account-Based Sales, then FunnelFox can ensure you find every relevant prospect.

Do you struggle to find the right prospects? Get in touch and we’ll happily show you the difference.

What’s next?

Remember, we also provide customizations. So if you want to know more about Prospect Intelligence, please do get in touch with us through the messenger on your screen. 

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