A staggering 319 billion daily emails are projected to be sent in 2021, according to Statista. Does your company contribute to that figure? Chances are that they do.

Paddle, a London-based SaaS business, claims that email is “the most important” type of communication with their customers. 

But there’s a problem. With so many crucial emails being exchanged every day, research shows there’s a high probability that some of your emails won’t make it to your CRM. 

By enabling FunnelFox’s automatic email updates feature, you’ll ensure even the busiest sales rep’s customer interactions are in the CRM. 

How do these email CRM updates help you?


Automatic email updates allow you to have 100% pipeline accuracy to:

  • Track every touchpoint

  • Identify trends in your pipeline

  • Coach struggling team members

  • Reward and repeat successful interactions

  • Understand your target audience better

  • Create reliable reports for your superiors

  • See the root cause of stagnant deals

  • Make data-driven decisions

Tip: Benchmark your reps according to their ingoing and outgoing emails.

Team members

Automating your email updates enables you to:

  • Save a ton of time (we’ve calculated you’ll gain an additional 4+ hours per week)

  • Be rewarded for your work

  • Improve your results by reviewing your CRM

  • Ensure you have all past conversations available to make informed calls

  • Successfully handover accounts between departments

Don’t have your emails connected yet?

No problem, you can get connected in seconds. 

  1. Login to FunnelFox

  2. Navigate to your Account Dashboard

  3. Click on the link icon within the Emails tab to authorize the email updates

That’s it. You’re all set up!

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