There is a short setup process to enable FunnelFox to automatically update emails to your CRM. Once complete, you’ll no longer have to manually log an email ever again!

Enable automatic email-to-CRM updates with three simple steps:

  1. Go to your Account Dashboard and check that your CRM is connected

  2. Press the link symbol for the email connection

  3. Choose a CRM to automatically update

You can follow these steps in further detail below.

1) Navigate to Account Dashboard and check your CRM is connected

First, log in to your FunnelFox account.

You will automatically land on the Account Dashboard, which is the home page of your FunnelFox account. It displays all of your data sources on the left side and destinations on the right side of your screen. 

If you haven’t connected anything to your account, your screen will appear like this:

To check your CRM connection, locate your CRM block on the Account Dashboard. It should have a green symbol with a tick. 

If the green symbol is not there, first connect your CRM.

Next, locate the ‘Email’ block. 

3) Authorize FunnelFox to automatically update your CRM

Select your work email from the list or choose another email account to link to FunnelFox. Then confirm your choice and agree to the terms and conditions by clicking ‘Allow.’ A green symbol should now replace the link in your email block, as demonstrated below.

That’s it. Your emails are all set up! 🎉

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