This article shows some of the ways Data Capture has helped our current customers and the perks you can expect through using this software. We’ll throw in tips and tricks along the way to help you get the most out of your FunnelFox experience.

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What is Data Capture?

Data Capture automatically logs every email, contact, and appointment into your CRM. It’s totally backend, so there are no added tasks to integrate into your day. 

How does Data Capture benefit me?

Below are some of the main advantages you’ll notice from the offset:

Sales Managers: Gain complete pipeline visibility and data accuracy for data-driven decisions.

Sales reps: Save 4+ hours of data entry every week and get customer insights for your sales calls.

Cross-departments: Improve collaboration with Sales, Customer Success, Support, and Development by creating a central hub of shared knowledge.

What can I do with Data Capture?

There’s plenty you can do to get the most out of your account. We’ll look over a few ways now, but you can see more in the Tips & Tutorials category of our help center. 

1) Measure performance

Management: Many FunnelFox users rely on Data Capture to accurately monitor their team’s email activities for performance analysis. For example, you can use the data we relay to monitor incoming and outgoing conversations. 

Sales Reps: Data Capture provides a trustworthy dataset for you to measure your performance. Tracking your efforts makes it easy to showcase your success, get recognized, and move up the career ladder.

Tip for measuring new conversations: 

First: Ensure each rep has their email connection set up with Data Capture.

Second: Exclude all one-off replies. If a person only replies once within the last thirty days, it doesn’t usually imply a conversation is in place.

Third: Count all messages containing two or more incoming emails within the last thirty days. 

That calculation tells you how many conversations your reps are starting so you can reward your team accordingly. Alternatively, use FunnelFox’s weekly reports to praise the team member with the highest outgoing emails. You can exclude all internal communication within Data Capture.

2) Check who’s in your pipeline

Knowing who your company is talking with has never been easier because Data Capture automatically updates your CRM. 

Monitor who’s in your pipeline in order to:

  • Ensure you’re targeting the right people

  • Avoid multiple reps contacting the same prospect at once

  • Detect what types of conversations are best for each job title

  • Catch stale conversations early on

With reliable data in your CRM, you can confidently assess trends in your pipeline and make data-driven decisions to improve your sales rates.

Tip for increasing pipeline opportunities: 

Use Data Capture alongside Prospect Intelligence to track these job changes automatically for more effective results!

Do you have contacts in your CRM who moved company? You can flip these outdated contacts into opportunities by congratulating them on their new roles. After all, the easiest people to convert are those who’ve already loved your products and services. Track these job changes automatically for more effective results!

4) Predict revenue growth

With accurate CRM data, you’re enabled to track opportunities in your pipeline and forecast revenue based on these findings. 

Automatically tracking every touchpoint is the best way to capture your whole pipeline to forecast accurately. Admittedly, we’re a tad biased. But there are several scenarios where Data Capture guarantees your forecasting remains correct. For instance, you’ll no longer have:

  • Duplicate CRM updates

  • Forgotten touchpoints

  • Subjective recording

  • Difficulty identifying mislabeled deal stages

  • Cluttered CRM with internal communications

  • Human error (numerical errors, spelling mistakes, etc.)

5) Discover customer insights

Understand your target audience and equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed sales calls.

Know your target audience: Using Data Capture, it’s easy to dig deeper into the CRM emails to understand your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). You’ll have access to an entire backlog of all prior communications. So whether you’ve been at the company for a long time or recently joined, you can have a thorough understanding of your company’s target audience. 

Informed outreach: Automating CRM updates guarantees that sales reps have the context they need when contacting prospects. For example, it’s now easy to see if a prospect has reached out to the company before and what was discussed. With an accurate backlog, you can personalize every conversation, avoid repetition, and address the prospects’ pain points head-on.

Tip for onboarding new hires: Encourage your new staff members to get acquainted with your target audience by sending them examples of conversations you’ve had with the customers that FunnelFox synced for you. For instance, you can share a discussion containing a frequently asked question with a new support member. Or give new sales reps insight into successful pitches.

6) More sales calls

Using Data Capture, reps gain an additional four hours every week to sell more. Through eliminating tedious tasks, reps can focus on the most important part of their jobs. Meanwhile, there are fewer workflow interruptions. It’s a win-win for everyone.

7) Collaborate better

Sales to Customer Success account handover

Instead of relying on the sales reps’ memory, keep your sales process cohesive by equipping CS with a complete backlog of every conversation attached to an account. Just make sure all the reps have their email and CRM connected to Data Capture.

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