Welcome! This guide shows you how to navigate FunnelFox Data Capture, the available functionalities, and the set-up process. It’s worth noting that we created this guide after our 2020 FunnelFox makeover. So it’s useful for both new admins and admins who need help navigating the new layout.


  1. What are the benefits of Data Capture?

  2. What it means to be an admin

  3. Overview of the FunnelFox dashboard and sidebar

  4. How does the rules page work?

  5. How to get your team set up

  6. How to see what has been synced

  7. How is my FunnelFox account charged?

  8. How to check that your account is working

What are the benefits of Data Capture?

FunnelFox works behind the scenes to collect, analyze, and transfer your team’s customer interactions to your CRM. Every relevant email, event, and contact is intelligently updated. 

Sales: Your reps can now focus on selling rather than updating the CRM. They’ll have an accurate backlog of every customer interaction for informed sales calls.

Customer Success: Data Capture gives CS easy access to the vital details, such as customer pain points and expectations, needed to retain their accounts.

Management: You’ll gain complete pipeline visibility and have accurate data for reporting.


What it means to be an admin

FunnelFox syncs the same data for the admin and team members. However, there are three distinctions for the administrator. 

When you make a change in the Rules page, it adjusts the settings for all users. Your email, calendar, and CRM connectivity changes (in the Account Dashboard) only apply to you. 

However, you do have control over your team’s individual disconnections. For example, you can deactivate a user’s email or Salesforce connection. The admin is solely responsible for activating and disabling members.

This responsibility includes adding or removing seats to your payment plan and upgrading your account. You’ll also act as the primary point of contact for your company. 

The company’s payment details should be kept up-to-date in your account ahead of the renewal. We’ll always remind you of your renewal date in advance. If you need to update your billing information, please reach out to customer support. You can either send an email to [email protected] or let us know via the messenger on your app.

Overview of the Account Dashboard

The Account Dashboard allows you to manage your data sources and your CRM. Here you can activate data sources you’d like to track. Take a look at our infographic below to learn the meaning of each connection and what they can do for you.

To get started with FunnelFox, click the link icon on your chosen data source or destination and follow the on-screen steps. The process only takes a few minutes. You’ll know you are connected when the link icon turns into a green circle with a tick.

Need more help getting connected? If so, the following articles may be useful for you:

How to start automating your email updates

How to enable automatic calendar updates

How to get your CRM connected

Anytime you need help, you can ask us through the chatbot on your screen. Alternatively, visit our help center using the help icon.

Your sidebar is very straightforward. You can see what each of the tabs do below. Also, keep a lookout for our upcoming features.

How does the Rules page work?

The Rules page has a variety of upcoming settings to help Data Capture identify all relevant emails to automatically send to your CRM. For now, these settings are standardized and you don’t need to worry about it.

What can you do with the Rules page right now?

You can add a blacklist of email addresses to tell the FunnelFox software to ignore the domains of your choosing. Companies use this feature to avoid cluttering their CRM with internal or irrelevant email addresses. 

The FunnelFox domain is automatically included in this list, so emails we send you won’t end up in Salesforce. As a starting point, we recommend blacklisting your work domain as it’s unlikely you want conversations between colleagues filling up your CRM.

How to get your team set up?

Create a team name and your add team members:

First, go to the Organization page.

Here you can create a team, invite members, and activate their accounts. Additionally, you can disable team member’s data source connections. 

You can always return to this page to deactivate an account, add new members, or see the total number of seats taken in your team. If you are unsure how many seats you have remaining, simply ask us via the chatbot. 

Start by naming your team. Click “+ Create Team.” Input your chosen name, perhaps the name of your company or department, and press save.

If you want to delete a name, just let us know via the chatbot on your screen, and we’ll handle it for you.

Next, press the invite button. Here you’ll find two ways to add team members. 

First option:

You can add an email address and press send. This option triggers an invitation email for a team member to create an account. 

Second option:

The second option provides a shared link that all team members can use to create an account. This option is best for sending invites on a mass scale.

When someone sets up their account through either of these methods, they will automatically be associated with your team. 

Pending Invites

The Organization page lists any pending invites, so you can always see who you’ve invited. 

Once your team members create their account, you will see their names appear beneath yours. 

You will also see an option to manage these accounts, which enables you to activate or deactivate individual team members.

In the example above, Adele has not connected her Salesforce or email account because neither of these icons are green. 

The admin user, who is Patti in this case, can then scroll down to the end of the page to check if her Adele has been activated. Patti will know exactly who needs to be activated by checking the ‘Pending Invites’ list or clicking ‘Manage Team’.

If you’ve already activated everyone, but some team members are not connected, it’s time to remind them to connect so that they don’t miss out on all the Data Capture benefits! 

Need to deactivate a user’s email or Salesforce connection? No problem, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Manage Team’ and then scroll down to the user who you want to manage. 

  2. Next to their name will be a deactivation button for each of their data sources and CRM connections.

  3. Press the relevant deactivation button and you’re done.


If you need any help, let us know within the messenger on your screen. The support team is always happy to assist you.

How to see what has been sent to your CRM

Go to your ‘Recent Activities’ page to check the CRM updates FunnelFox has made. You can also view these updates within your CRM.   

How is my FunnelFox account charged?

We provide a subscription with automatic renewals. These payments begin at the start of your billing cycle, which is the day you signed up for your FunnelFox account. 

When your subscription is nearing an end, we send you a reminder email 30 days in advance. It is essential to double-check your payment details are correct at this point. However, you can update your account at any time. 

If the details are incorrect, we make three attempts to process your payment. If we cannot clear the expense, we stop syncing data to your CRM, cancel your plan, and deactivate your team members.

Should this happen, you need to purchase another subscription to reactivate syncing for your team. However, you will receive an email if an additional action from you is required to process the payment.

That’s it for now

We look forward to eliminating all data entry for your whole team. With the boring stuff out of the way, everyone can prioritize engaging prospects and customers. You can also guarantee that your CRM is accurate for successful decision making and gain complete visibility of your entire pipeline.

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