Welcome to FunnelFox Data Capture! We’re excited to have you join us. This guide shows you what FunnelFox does, how to navigate your account and helps you get set up as a team member. If you’ve got any questions at all, please do get in touch.


  • What FunnelFox does for you?

  • Overview of your FunnelFox account

  • How to start your automatic CRM updates

What Data Capture does for you?

Imagine having a personal assistant that handles all your repetitive data entry – well, now you have one. We automatically sync your emails and events to your CRM. This automation enables you to focus on creating more valuable customer interactions. Leave the tedious part to us!

What are the benefits of Data Capture?

  • Saves you 4+ hours every week so that you can sell more

  • Enables you to see a complete backlog of every customer interaction to enhance your outreach

  • Shows you if a colleague has already reached out to an account

  • Improves collaboration across teams, for instance, handing over your accounts to CS

  • Provides accurate data for management so they can acknowledge and reward your work

  • Empowers you to identify trends in your pipeline to improve your performance

  • Lets you skip manual data entry and focus on the most important part of your job

PS: Data Capture runs completely in the background, so there are zero added steps to your daily workload. Once you’re connected, you can set it and forget it!

Overview of your FunnelFox account

You’ll mainly need your account to get set up. However, we have some really great resources and useful settings to keep in mind.

Your Account Dashboard displays everything you need to start using FunnelFox Data Capture. You can always visit this page to check that your connections are working. 

Use the infographic below to check out what each of the connections means.

You'll always have access to the sidebar to navigate through the app. The following infographic will help you get familiarized with the different sidebar icons.

We’re always working to give you the best experience and improve our services. It’s worth noting, there are several upcoming pages to look out for in your sidebar.

How to start your automatic CRM updates

To start syncing data to Salesforce, you must connect your email or calendar with your CRM. We recommend enabling both to get the most out of your FunnelFox account.

Getting connected takes less than 30 seconds. Press the ‘Link’ button next to the connection you want to make. Fill in your login details and then give FunnelFox permission to automate your CRM updates. A tick then replaces the link icon. Need further help, check out our Getting Connected article.

We have a dedicated support team who are always keen to answer your questions. So please do get in touch if you are unsure about anything or need further help.

What’s next?

Discover the benefits of using FunnelFox or find out why CRM updates are so important to your success?

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