There are two parts to your scheduling link you can personalize. The first is the reference to your user account and the second is the reference to your booking page. Typically, a scheduling link will look as follows:[USER]/[PAGE}

or to give an actual example

By default your [USER] value will be based on your email address, but you can change it to anything you prefer on the Meeting Scheduling page. The only requirement is that it still needs to be available. [USER] values can only be used by a single user.

The [PAGE] value is linked to your booking page. You can have multiple booking pages and you can use any value for [PAGE] to refer to a page. You set a value when you create a page but it can be changed later, all on the Meeting Scheduling page.

One thing to keep in mind when changing any of these values, is that any links you have shared with people before that change will stop working. So it's best to think this through when setting up your page(s).

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