When you create your account, FunnelFox will automatically create a Meeting Scheduling page for you. You can share this link with your contacts to allow them to book a meeting with you.

For this to work well, we highly recommend that you check the setup of your scheduling page. Next to personalizing your scheduling link, there are a few important settings to validate.

Click "Edit Page" on your Meeting Scheduling page to look at these options:

Event Info

  • Set the title of the meeting page, which is shown above your calendar.

  • More importantly you can set the location of your meeting. This is a good place to for example put a link to your personal meeting room on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet.

  • You can also control the duration of the meeting that can be booked and other related settings.


  • Make sure the booking page is connected to the right calendar.

Opening Hours

  • Define on which days and between which hours you are usually available. Only available times in this time interval will be shown as options.

Page Styles

  • Add your company name and logo

  • Customize the colors

  • Personalize the Thank You message shown after booking

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