Once you have checked your meeting scheduling settings, you are ready to start sharing your page. This article shares a few suggested ways to share your scheduling link:

Add to your signature

A common way to share your Meeting Scheduling link is to add it to your email signature. Using a text like "Schedule a Meeting" or "Book a time with me", it provides an easy way for your contacts to book a meeting with you.

If you are reluctant to share this link on every email you send, you can also create a second signature that you proactively include when you want to suggest a meeting.

Use our Chrome extension

With the FunnelFox Chrome extension installed, you will have a convenient Meeting Scheduling button right next to your send button on the email compose window. It's just one click to add your scheduling page to any email.

Other options

If the above options don't work for you, here are some other ideas:

  • Bookmark the page and copy the link from there whenever you want to add it.

  • Add it on a pinned note in your favorite notes software

Contact us on the support chat if you struggle to make this work. We're always happy to see if we can come up with new ideas that work for you.

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