Sales Triggers can be used as conversation hooks when talking with your customers and can also be an important signal to decide when to reach out. Currently FunnelFox provides you with 3 types of triggers:

  • News - Recent news about this account. This can give you information about recent acquisitions, key hires, or new product launches.

  • Jobs - Open job positions the company is currently hiring for. These can be strong signals that a company is investing in that part of their business.

  • Tech - Technology currently in use by a company. This can tell you more about which competitors or complementary solutions are already deployed.

For each of the Sales Triggers you can set default filters to make sure you only receive relevant notifications from FunnelFox. Make sure you set them, because relevance is key with this kind of data.

Currently Sales Triggers are shown in the FunnelFox Sidebar, which you can load by logging into FunnelFox or by installing the Chrome extension.

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