If you are looking for new leads to add to your pipeline, Prospecting is a good place to start. Conveniently found in the FunnelFox Sidebar, the Prospecting feature will automatically suggest new contacts including their email address, Linkedin profile, and direct dial if available.

To make sure you only receive suggestions that fit your customer persona, you can set your search criteria on the Prospects tab. Set them once and FunnelFox will remember them for future searches.

Retrieving contact details

When you've found a prospect you want to contact, just hover over the contact card and click Get contact details. This will reveal the contact details so you can reach out right away.

The contact details will also automatically be added on the Contacts tab, so you can easily find them next time you look into this account. In case an account is not on your Target List, retrieving prospect details will automatically add the account there.

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