Set your Prospecting filters on day one to make sure you receive relevant prospect suggestions. After you apply the filters, they are saved for future searches. The following filters can be set:

  • Job title includes - Any words that the job title should include. This is an OR search, meaning that it will return and prospects that match just one of the entered tags. Separate words in a single tag will match in any order. For example "sales director" will return results for "director of sales" but not for "marketing director".

  • Job title excludes - Any words that the job title should exclude. This field works the same as the include field. A common example is to exclude any titles with "assistant" when having "ceo" in the include field, so you don't receive the "assistant to the ceo" as suggestion.

  • Country - The countries you want to contact people in. Pick any number of countries from the dropdown.

  • State - This field only shows if the United States is selected as country and allows for a narrower focus on one or more states.

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