Don't let its size fool you. Even though the sidebar only covers a small part of your screen, it comes packed with some of the most powerful data to assist your customer conversations. This article will explain the key elements of the sidebar. There's another article that goes into detail on how to use the sidebar.

Account Header

At the top of the sidebar you find the account header, which automatically enriches account data to show you the company name, website, and social profiles.

If an account is not yet on your target list, a button with "Add as Target" will also be visible. If it is already a targeted account, you'll see a bullseye icon in the same place like on the image below.

The Tabs

The sidebar can provide this much data in the little space it takes because of its use of tabs. The overview tab is the first view you will always see when the sidebar loads. It provides a summary of the information from the underlying tabs.

The information on the overview tab uses any filters or search criteria that have previously been set, making sure that the data you see is relevant. The following key categories are currently available in the sidebar:

  • Sales Triggers - Relevant data points like News, Job Ads or used Technologies that you can use in your conversations. More info

  • Prospecting - Contact details of new leads you can add to your pipeline. Includes email address, Linkedin profile, and direct dial if available. More info

  • Activities - The latest activities per account, like emails and meetings, for anybody on your team. You'll always have 100% visibility. More info

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